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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

By Invitation Only: Patina

Patina is one of the most amazing things that is created over time.  They try to duplicate it but nothing beats the real thing.  That little chip or scratch that starts the process is so painful but soon it becomes a history that we never want to erase.  When I visit other countries I am always so impressed by the ability to have this patina without looking shabby or completely worn away.  Things have character and I love that.  I am not sure how long it takes, I suppose it is different for each, but I think that they have a special place among our other things and make everything seem real- really part of life not just staged or duplicated.

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images by christina for greige

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

By Invitation Only: A great challenge

A challenge...  The girls from By invitation only have asked us to write about a challenge for this month's post.  Something to over come possibly something to accomplish.  I think this might be the perfect opportunity to speak up, to get it off my chest so to speak.  I have been writing this little blog for (omg) almost 4 years now and I have felt that it was challenging many times, sometimes a fun challenge but challenging never the less.  I think it may be time for a change, maybe a regroup so to speak.  It has been itching at me since the beginning of the year and I am just now accepting it I think.  I would like to make some changes around here... I know you have changed in the past 4 years and I know that I certainly have, hopefully in good ways!  So I want to add a few things and organize a few things and possibly omit a few things...  I ask you to be patient with me as I work through some changes here on the blog, in hopes of making it better and fuller.

Last year was an amazing year full of projects and wonderful growth for me.  I worked on and completed about 15 projects in a 12 month period, not including my residential clients and my personal projects.  Sometimes that can leave you feeling a little over cooked, if you know what I mean.  I want to make the blog a reflection of what really truly inspires me each and every day not just what I think you are going to want to see, in hopes that it will inspire you too.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

By Invitation Only: Daydreamer

There is no need to trade places and I am sure it is no mystery what I would like to do if I could do anything.  Live in Paris, own a beautiful apartment in Paris while I am still young enough to really enjoy it!  I love the idea of a slightly worn exterior with a beautiful interior awaiting a special touch.

Beautiful vintage wood floors and molding everywhere!

A sweet little Vespa to run around on...

I would shop all day at the fleas to furnish it with the most fun and beautiful pieces!

I would spend my evenings in beautiful gowns just lounging around and relaxing with friends and family, almost no need to go out!

images via

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

By Invitation only: Besotted Blog

I first discovered Besotted Blog a while back, I am pretty sure I followed one of her fabulous photos from Pinterest into her shop.  I am a sucker for paper goods, packaging, photography and fonts and it is always so fun to find another person who loves these things too!  I have a few stamps from her line and they are so fantastic (I just ordered the antlers and plan to use them on my holiday packages).  Tristan's blog is so fun, she takes the time to write witty posts with great photos and has completely convinced me to put a calligraphy starter kit on my Christmas list.  

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

images via besotted blog

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

By Invitation Only: A June wedding...

I am sure every bride would say that there are things they would have changed about their wedding.  There are so many ways I would have done things differently!  

I was young and pretty simple at the time...

So here is my now wedding if I was to do it again...

gorgeous hand done invitations are a must and I would love to have a wedding in Paris of course... but maybe some where a little bit more quaint more sheltered out in the French countryside ...
 Amazing hand made maps to send the guests straight to us.

Always appetizers and cocktails.. Maybe even break tradition and start before the ceremony just to loosen up the crowd..

Beautiful places to sit make conversation and relax..

A simply beautiful dress..

 Relaxed gorgeous hair..

 A little color with peonies..

Out door seating with candle light.... a small party for close friends only.. not everyone we have ever met!

 An amazing cake..  cake is one of the best parts!

And more than anything I would remember to have fun..


Sweets for each guest along with beautiful delicious food. Maybe I could convince Eddy Rocq to come to France to cater for me?

click on the images to be taken to the sites or check them all out here..

Vintage rentals from found
macarons from Rocq Catering

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

By Invitation Only: Dream Day..

I am sure that many of you could have imagined where my dream day would take me.. Paris of course.   This time with the Mr.  we have not been to Paris together for over 10 years and I think a day spent with him there would be just dreamy.  We would wake up to this view and have our Pain au chocolat for breakfast with a tall glass of juice.

We would then wander the palace and gardens at Versailles, where he would of course take me on a row boat on the water while I relaxed and we could chat (uninterrupted- this is a luxury).

We would then picnic on the grass with baguettes, fresh fruit, cheeses and wine.  Once full we would lay back and find shapes in the passing clouds.

After a relaxing train ride back to the city we would window shop and go into some of my favorites for a real treat- Astier de Villate and always something vintage and memorable.

A nice visit to Merci would be a great idea too.. maybe a little light reading while we have a pick me up in the cafe.

A little more shopping.

A before dinner snack with a great view of the rooftops of Paris.

Finally a beautiful view of the city at sunset from Tour Eiffel.

 What do you dream of?

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images and sources can be found here if they are not belonging to moi

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Garden dreaming By Invitation Only

I am a little late to the party but let's just say fashionably late.  I have spent the last few months gathering inspiration for what is the beginning of what will be one of our longest personal projects here at home.  We are laying out the garden and it's rooms.  Living in California we spend a great deal of time outside.  In the summer months I work outside to be around the kids and to just have the fresh air.  Our yard is pretty good size for the neighborhood that we are in so we have quite a bit of room to create.  I want a small sitting area just off of the dining room similar to the one pictured above, a sweet space to have tea and waste away Saturday mornings reading magazines and books.

Of course my husband and I also want a pool, never having one really makes us want it all the more.   These are both so beautiful. 

I love the simple lines of these two pools nothing crazy just good clean fun!

I really love fresh flowers and Hydrangea are some of my favorites, we cannot seem to get Lilac to grow well here but it is so beautiful!  So near my sitting area we are planning for a large grouping of Hydrangea and some hedging to back it.

Of course we will have Wisteria along the structures near the house.

I have seen some really beautiful stone troughs that I have been dying to find a use for so we are looking for the perfect place to put a fountain.

We need some large hedges to block out a view from the street above which has been our biggest challenge!  These are fabulous!
 These are my dream items (items that the husband is opposed to) I would love to have some ladies in my garden to keep me company and give us wonderful fresh eggs.

Finally I really need a pool house with ivy and Hydrangea, don't you think.  Oh and this is a great example of what I have asked for surrounding the pool,  cement pavers with grass running between.

I am excited to get a plan in place and see these ideas come to life!

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